Last year @frenchdisco (great name!) did a summary of all the apps used on the 6 different versions of the 12AoC This should give you plenty of ideas for apps to use:

The six ’12 Apps of Christmas’ 2015


Here is an example of the schedule page…it was not released until after the course had completed:

“Here’s what was covered over the 12 Apps of Christmas. We will look at a different app each day. Each day there will be a blog post describing the ‘app of the day’, how it can be used and a small task. If you wish to refresh your memory, or work through the programme yourself in your own time, the materials are here in the correct order (as the programme is in a blog format, the posts will of course be in reverse chronological order!).

• Day One –

• Day Two – Instagram

• Day Three – Evernote

• Day Four – Feedly

• Day Five – Sketches

• Day Six – WhatsApp

• Day Seven – Periscope

• Day Eight – RefMe

• Day Nine – Trello

• Day Ten – Pinterest

• Day Eleven – Animoto

• Day Twelve – Elf Yourself/Collaborate


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