Your audience

First step is to decide who your target audience is for your version of the 12AoC course. When I originally set up the course I set up the course aimed just at the academic staff – those engaged in teaching and research. However it some became clear that the Library staff were very interested as were other individuals in the university.

Obviously the other main group to be considered are the students. I made the decision not to target them as I wanted the course as primarily a CPD event for staff at my uni. However, you may wish to involve your students and there could be many benefits to this.

Once you have made this decision it would be useful to look at the learning outcome of the 12AoC course:

On successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Reflect on how apps can be used within their learning/teaching and research context.
  • Discuss opportunities and challenges which influence more widely the use of apps in Higher Education for inclusive practice.
  • Trial a specific app for learning/teaching/research in own context based on an informed rationale.

You may want to change or rewrite these depending on your target audience.